Let's do our best all day long today that is 09:29 at the present time.

We reached refreshing autumn, and recreation facility of Minami Boso was relatively not crowded, and it was for the use that we were with small child at good time.
In aloha garden for approximately 15 minutes, we touch marmot and rabbit, sheep directly and can play car together from pension.
Do you not go for staying trip to pace of child leisurely?

In addition, Minami Boso was good season of fishing. From sandy beach, is from breakwater and boat and riding together ship from rocky place; from kiss and horse mackerel
We can enjoy Seriola aureovittata, Seriola purpurascens, Thailand and various fishing. Please enjoy each fishing for preference.

Autumn pension
We are with mother

Owner wife is former kindergarten teacher and loves child and supports baby food, infant foods.
(but Baby food cannot support on December 31 and January 1)

The neighboring highlight


12-3, Kagana, Tateyama-shi, Chiba
TEL: 0470-29-1159
Email:nanohana@p-nanohana .com

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