Let's try overtime work that is 18:11 hard at the present time.

When snow visits mountain, and skiing area of each place begins to do well, here Minami Boso is beginning in the early spring
We stock field mustard, yellow oxeye in several fields of flowers before Suzaki of Tateyama reaching Shirahama, Chikura and Wadamachi of the Kamo River,
Minami Boso where flowers such as poppies have begun to bloom will invite relaxed warm good season pleasantly from now on.
Please enjoy tender "spring" based on "pension field mustard"

Owner wife is former kindergarten teacher and loves child and copes with baby food, infant food, allergy food
(baby food, allergy foods cannot support from April 29 to May 5)
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Association of Japanese pension
Under stamp rally development
At association participation pension of five
Collect stamps; of 5,000 yen share
Let's get coupon

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