Swimming in the middle of winter meet
The middle of January

Application is necessary for participation, to the city Board of Education Sports Division
Flower knob
From December to early May
Tateyama family park, Tateyama, Shirahama, Chikura, Wadaura others
Slight ebb and flow of the tide marathon
Last day of January day
Beach establishment
The mid-July and late August

There are 11 beaches in the city
Boat-shaped thing, Nago, Hojo, Arai, Okinoshima, incense, Oga, Hamada, sightseeing, Hasama, Sakata, Aihama.

Summer festival
From July to August

●Saturday and Sunday about Nagasuka festival ... July 14
On the second day, stand flocks portable shrine on the Nagasuka, Tateyama-shi district first day. JR bus next fortune Teramae getting off
●Five festival cars, stand one flock around 17-18 Nago, Tateyama-shi district Nago temple in Nago festival ... July. Nitto bus Nago getting off
●Three Mera, Tateyama-shi district portable shrines flock on Saturday and Sunday about Mera festival July 20. JR bus Awa natural village getting off
●Three 26-27 Funakata, Tateyama-shi district festival cars, stand two, ship one flock in boat-shaped thing festival July. Nitto bus cliff Kannonmae getting off
●Seven 1-2 Tateyama, Tateyama-shi district portable shrines, festival car four, ship one flock around Tateyama Shrine in the foot of Tateyama-jo Castle in Tateyama Shrine annual festival August. Getting off in front of JR bus Shiroyama Park
●Six Daijinguu, Tateyama-shi district portable shrines, stand two flock on Awa Shrine festival August 10. Getting off in front of JR bus Awa Shrine
●Three 20-22 Sunosaki, Tateyama-shi district portable shrines flock in Suzaki Shrine festival August. In addition, Suzaki dance is shown, too. sakishitasha of JR bus bank

Fireworks display
August 8

Fireworks display to be held at Tateyama, Hojo Beach is event first in the summer colored with approximately 10,000 fireworks. Beauty of fireworks reflected in the surface of the water of Gulf of Tateyama called alias Kagamigaura from quiet thing like mirror is particular.
National university flamenco Festival
Summer of Tateyama in Spain! In "national university flamenco festival held on the stage of south total culture hall and Hojo Beach," "national university flamenco Festival" is carried out "fireworks and the flamenco" "the setting sun and the flamenco". It is all of federation of whole country student flamenco (furesupon) to play a key role. We swell by the hot flamenco young in the summer of Tateyama.
Tsuruya Yahata Shrine annual festival
September 14, 15th
Wimpy Tanmachi
 Tsuruya Yahata Shrine annual festival is known as "wimpy Tanmachi" in hometown and is full of approximately 100,000 crowds. It is performed for two days from every September 14, and, from 10 Shinto shrines of neighborhood, miniature shrine, festival car, model of a vessel festival car flock and, on 14th for the first day, 11 miniature shrines gather and repeat struggle in the precincts. Climax is 15th, the following day. Four festival cars and one model of a vessel festival car gather in the precincts and compete for the majestic figure, and miniature shrine of ten companies carried to on the day before is carried in sequence and struggling scene is heroic and is daring. Youths who left native district return home to enjoy this annual festival, and inhabitants are united, and they swell.

Eight dog biography romance south total Satomi Festival
Sunday third in October
For "south total Satomi festival held every year on third Sunday in October," it is warrior line of Satomi water forces. We are brave, and approximately 150 armor-clad warriors of Satomi water forces go to the front of signal in "ask at time" in front of Tateyama Station. Prince Yoshizane Satomi said to be model of "south total 8, Satomi dog biography" foresees fusehime and faithful dog, gregariousness, and this warrior line is accompanied by ship, stand and marches at 2km to Shiroyama park with Tateyama-jo Castle (museum annex). Handicraft armor which armor which Satomi, girl corps of approximately 50 to participate wore utilized corrugated cardboard as if "I was called samurai general" among this warrior lines and made.
In Shiroyama Park open space of the main venue, battle at the time is developed after a kind of ceremony at a court noble's banquet ceremony equal to water forces kickoff ceremony, and folk art festival is held from morning and, in average year, is full of approximately 25,000 crowds.

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