Pension opens city planning, work about engineering works as local public service worker in 1980 for 14 years.
Hobby is absorbed in mountain and Telemark skiing at rugby, fishing, mountain climbing and diversified tastes, the present.

This converts to pension business to husband and attendant in kindergarten teachers of nursery school as well as owner for 14 years.
Tennis, rattan handicrafts did hobby, but there is no notable thing and we are interested in gardening now and are in charge of garden maintenance of pension.

Atmosphere of pension
We began with baby with to the elderly, but most become the use of new family all too soon because wife was kindergarten teacher.
We stop by at time, but a lot of small friends may do it.
Dinner: It is semi-Western style home-cooked meal. Western-style meat dishes. It is feeling such as sashimi, Japanese-style stewed foods, seafood dishes and salad.
Breakfast: Soup or juice, egg dishes, salad, bread, coffee.
In addition, to with child which is allergic, and has a problem other than baby food, infant food for one small except busy season (New Year holidays, the Golden Week, summer vacation) cope.

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