When, after the application for reservation, can accept; is ream of confirmation by telephone or email some other time from pension on the day or the next day
We do garami. In addition, we will tell so by email when, unfortunately, it becomes already fully occupied.

Please push the Confirm button after filling out necessary matter (please put e-mail address by all means)


E-mail address (please fill out by all means)
Please do not fill in e-mail address of cell-phone

Address (the metropolis and districts)
Address (city, ward, town, address)
Expected time of arrival
Is going to arrive; time
Scheduled departure date
Number of nights
Type 1 of room
Type 2 of room
Type 3 of room
Type 4 of room
The number of the total rooms
Number of people (adult)
Please fill in school year, age of child
Number of people (primary schoolchild) (please fill in school year) School year
Number of people (less than primary schoolchild 4 years old or older) Age
Number of people (less than 4 years old 1 year old or older) Age  
Number of people (under 1 year old) The age of the month
Child food reduced two articles of dishes from meal of adult, and infant food is kids' lunch form

Dinner, breakfast (please let person who is dinner-free know with column desired)

Adult Child food
Infant food Baby food
Please let know transportation Transportation
If there is planned change that cancellation fee produces for one week on reservation day, please contact as soon as possible

※Reply email from this for that purpose reservation that cell-phone may block email from PC
May not arrive, would appreciate your filling in e-mail address of PC by all means.


If there is hope, write

About cancellation fee
(association of Japanese pension standard)
Cancellation charges (the hotel charges)

The day on use day
Day before on use day and two days ago
One week ago

In addition, in the case of non-night, it becomes 100% of hotel charges without communication


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